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  Legal services
  • Realization of expertise of the documents on a case of approach of the circumstances of force majeure and endorsement of the fact approach of the circumstances of force majeure.

  • Legal advices in the field of the foreign investments.

  • Opening-up and legal control behind fulfilment of the foreign trade contracts, agreements, their tracking.

  • Legal expertise of the economic and normative documents.

  • Representation of concerns of firms, organizations and businessmen in International commercial arbitration court at Chamber of commerce and industry of Ukraine (Kiev).

  • Representation of concerns of the Ukrainian and overseas firms, organizations and businessmen in law enforcement bodies, courts of the general jurisdiction, economic courts.

  • Oral and written consultings in the field of legal regulation of foreign trade activities legal and natural persons.

  • Legal expertise of the programs, projects, agreements, contracts in an orb of foreign economic relations.

  • Consultation on application of the norms international individual, civil, customs and tax legislation.

  • Granting of the composite written concludings, explanations and consultings on application of the legislation in enterprise activity.

  • Oral consultation on legal problems.

  • Participation in negotiations on management of economic activities.

  • Folding of the review of the Ukrainian legislation on a subject of the customer, granting of legal help.

Our address :

88015, м. Ужгород,
вул. Грушевського, 62
тел. (0312) 66-94-50, 66-94-55.
тел./факс (0312) 66-94-99, 66-94-98
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