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  Expertise and certification of goods
  • Expertise of the quality, quantity, cost and completeness of domestic and imported goods, products and raw materials.

  • Checking of the conditions of packing, correctness of marking, if necessary – sampling of goods for testing.

  • Expertise of import cargos delivered in containers and trucks.

  • Pre-export goods inspection.

  • Identification expertise of the products (raw materials).

  • Confirmation of material consumption norms, certification of the percentage of the use of raw materials and the cost level in the final product cost.

  • Determination of the commodity nomenclature codes for external economical activity.

  • Evaluation of real and personal estate, proprietary and non-proprietary rights and business.

  • Evaluation and determination of the technical condition of vehicles, machinery and equipment.

  • Consulting on the problems of goods expertise and certification.

  • Approval of Ukrainian goods origin and issuance of the certificates of origin mandatory in case of goods export.

  • General form certificate (in English).

  • Certificate of origin for textile goods exported to the EC countries.

  • A form certificate within the framework of the preference system (EU countries, Japan, Canada, USA).

  • CT-1 certificate for export to CIS countries.

  • General form certificate (in Russian).

  • EUR-1 certificate for export to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Macedonia.

  • У-1 certificate used exclusively in the Ukrainian customs territory.

  • Certificate of origin of the goods.

  • Certificate of own production (for companies with foreign investments).

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